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Controlled Ejaculation With K-ONE .

K-ONE is a topical spray that can be used by spraying on the penis 10 minutes prior to intercourse. It enables a man to manage premature ejaculation effectively. The unique formulation of KONE allows effective absorption of topical lidocaine.. Lidocaine which is a Local anesthetic is absorbed through the outer layer of the skin to the inner layer i.e the dermis and thus helps to control ejaculation latency. K-ONE helps to control penile sensitivity and thus delays ejaculation to desirable times. The effect of K-ONE is seen in as less as 10 minutes. It is absorbed completely and dries fully in a few minutes. This minimizes transference to the partner . In case oral sex is anticipated, the penis may be wiped with a damp cloth. Depending on the dosage used and individual penile sensitivity, ejaculation control lasts typically for at least 30 mins to more than an hour.

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K-ONE can be used by men who are interested in prolonging their ejaculation and thereby managing and improving their sex life.

Quick and long lasting action

K-ONE spray as First-Line Therapy for Premature Ejaculation

K-ONE's unique but tried and tested formulation scores over other similar product. Quick and long lasting action. Optimum de-sensitizer hence No need to wait for erection for using K-ONE. Complete absorption hence reduced chances of transference. No need of using condom to prevent transference of active ingredient. Stimulatory fragrance added to provide added pleasure.

How to use K-One

Spray one second shots of KONE to the most sensitive parts of your penis on the shaft or the glans penis. Rub spray into the skin of the penis until it is completely absorbed. Wait up to 10 minutes. If you expect to have oral sex then you can wipe the penis with a damp cloth this will reduce any transference of active ingredient to partner. Adjust dosage, up to a maximum of 5 sprays, to achieve desired results.